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KAZI is pleased to announce that it has provided funding to the Mikoroshini Women Group, a group of 10 women who work in Ifakara producing soap. This project was approved for funding in October 2021 when the group asked for a loan that would allow them to increase their environmentally friendly production of soap at a time when demand is high.


This KAZI-funded project was proposed by a group of women from Ifakara who had been growing mushrooms at home. Their idea was to create a local co-op together by pooling their means of production in order to increase production while reducing their costs and boosting their income!


Jacqueline and her team are engineering wood waste pellet stoves for cooking. A loan will help them to finish a working prototype and start producing stoves. Local production will decrease price and reduce import dependence, which will make stoves more affordable for people. In the end, increase the empowerment of the community!


John Mbwambo Mtae has been working as a self-employed shoemaker for several years after training at Tannerier College in the Kilimanjaro region. The loan from KAZI will enable him to purchase all the necessary equipment and raw materials to secure stock to respond quickly and efficiently to customer demand, as well as to partially renovate his shop and production site.


Vijana Kazi is a group of 15 young people between 20 and 30 years old, created in 2019 with the aim of helping each other in daily life. One of their goals is to develop agricultural and food processing activities together.

The loan from KAZI will enable them to purchase the necessary equipment and products to increase their yogurt production, using milk produced in the Ifakara region.


Rehema Magoko is a 45-year-old woman from Maendeleo in the region of Ifakara in Tanzania who has been making cakes and bread for five years. The KAZI loan enabled her to acquire a dough-kneading machine necessary for her bakery business. In other words, she now owns her means of production and can carry out her economic activity independently.


an agricultural project for the production of chilies.

Upendo Women Group (Weavers)

A cooperative of production of bags from local raw materials


Salma Msomi is a Tanzanian seamstress from the Ifakara region who repaid her first loan on time (first loan to finance the purchase of two sewing machines) and secured a second loan from KAZI. With a full order book, this second loan will enable her to move from a remote area to downtown Ifakara and thus increase her local production of garments and expand her customer base.

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