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By partnering with KAZI, both groups could have a more widespread reach and help even more women and young people by providing them with interest-free loans. KV-HELP, who already had a strong presence in the region, took on the task of finding potential projects, evaluating the proposals, and overseeing their implementation. KAZI then granted start-up capital in the form of interest-free loans to projects that met our criteria. 

This partnership allowed for five projects to receive funding for a total amount of 1,900,000 TSH (800 CHF). These projects allowed people living in rural areas to increase their revenue and thus increase their quality of life. The projects included:

·       Bike Rentals – three bikes were purchased to be rented out in a rural village for people to get around easier, cheaper, and in an eco-friendly way

·       Restaurants – two eating establishments were opened after using funds to acquire the necessary equipment in order to offer meals to the local population

·       A Local Shop – funds were used to open a shop selling local food

·       Farming – seeds were purchased to help kick-start a farmer’s agricultural business


These projects align with KAZI’s values of social empowerment and local and environmentally friendly business practices. KAZI wishes continued success to each of the projects co-sponsored with KV-HELP!

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