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What we do

Kazi Startfunding is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide
interest-free loans, indexed in local currency to support entrepreneurs
premises/the/s with the aim of promoting the development of local projects respecting
sustainable development goals in low- and middle-income countries.
Inspired by the Swahili word for “employment”, “work” or “opportunity”, KAZI Startfunding aims to
mission to create job opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency
finance, with a genuine view of local empowerment. We seek to reduce
economic disparities between low- and high-income countries by creating opportunities
concrete, sustainable and transparent economic and social development,
environmentally friendly.

Our primary mission is to find the necessary funds to launch projects
that banks would not consider due to limited collateral. Branches
KAZI local authorities carefully select economically viable projects with a
social, sustainable and/or ecological aspect then we provide interest-free loans.
We are currently mainly present in Tanzania in the Ifakara region
and, since January 2023, also in Chad. However, we aim to extend
Kazi Startfunding to other countries when possible
Indeed, access to initial funding is a major obstacle to the launch of projects in
low- and middle-income countries. KAZI Startfunding therefore offers interest-free loans
to obtain the initial capital necessary for entrepreneurs to launch
their project or business in Tanzania and Chad. The loans are indexed in currency
local, in other words, variations in exchange rates are the responsibility of
the organization.

From the perspective of sustainable development, entrepreneurs are autonomous
in the creation and execution of their projects. However, KAZI Startfunding offers
advice in terms of “consulting” in order to accompany and support the
development of their business if the beneficiaries so wish. This support is
brought by members of the organization, as far as possible, from the
country where the project is located, allowing experience and knowledge to be shared,
particular on the administrative and financial aspects.

Helping an entrepreneur develop a new business also means helping
entire communities that benefit from it. In addition to providing capital, KAZI
also accompanies the selected projects in their development with support
management and knowledge sharing.

We exist to create opportunity and fuel progress, building a
financially inclusive world. Our vision is to use the best of our society to
give everyone a chance to share what they have and know, with those who don't.
not possess.

Who we are

We are a team of young professionals with a wide range of backgrounds,
from medicine and political science to law and business. Our contribution to
shaping a more inclusive world and empowering the less fortunate lies in the
belief that stronger local entrepreneurs are the pillars of their communities
and the local economy. We strive to support projects that have not
negative impact on the environment and help them envision a better future for
their children. KAZI was born out of our founder's frustration while working
as a doctor in Cameroon, of not being able to have a sufficient impact
significant. Paul-Camille Genton was struck by the number of great ideas raised by
local entrepreneurs and the lack of funds to make them happen. He observed that the
local entrepreneurs have almost no access to loans and felt the need to
find a solution.

Today, KAZI Startfunding is made up of three separate and legally
independent, that work in close collaboration: KAZI SWITZERLAND; KAZI
Tanzania as well as FEDJIN KAZI Chad. Most of the administrative work, sponsorship
and fundraising as well as marketing and budgeting is done by a
group of dedicated and motivated volunteers based in French-speaking Switzerland, Tanzania and
Chad. The members of the Swiss team are in permanent contact with their
Tanzanian and Chadian counterparts who, in addition to administrative work, are looking for
actively new partners, collaborators, project managers and mentors. Each
entity contributes equally to the proper functioning of the KAZI financing project
Startfunding as a whole.

KAZI Startfunding has been an international project since its inception. In addition to heads of
KAZI project and staff in Tanzania and Chad, our administrative team is
mainly based in French-speaking Switzerland. It is thanks to the collaboration with our
international team, our on-site mentors and our volunteers that KAZI is able
to support entrepreneurs in microcredit and advice in Tanzania and

Presentation of KAZI Tanzania

Our main fieldwork is centered in Ifakara, a small rural town in the district of
Kilombero in the Morogoro region of Tanzania. Our work was born here when the
founder of KAZI, Paul-Camille Genton, practiced medicine in the region, where he was able to
Build the support network needed to launch KAZI funding
Start-up funding. Ifakara was our starting point and our long-term goal is
to expand our business to other cities and regions in Tanzania.


FEDJIN KAZI-TCHAD is a non-profit association created on December 28, 2022, by
a group of young Chadians. This association aims to:

  • Promote entrepreneurship through interest-free financing, training, monitoring and evaluation of projects.

  • Provide vulnerable people with access to basic social services (education, health, WASH etc.).

  • Take action in the fight against climate change.

Currently, the association is mobilizing to support a group of women on a
field irrigation project via a solar pump. We are also considering
accompanying a group of young promoters whose project consists in installing an
expandable energy source via solar panels for recharging devices
electronics and biomedical in their village. There is also another project
agriculture under development.

Collaboration KAZI Switzerland – FEDJIN KAZI Chad
In 2022, Rodrigue Army (electrical engineer) and Paul-Camille Genton (doctor in
pediatrics), both working for Doctors without Borders (MSF) in Niger, decided
to launch a branch of KAZI in Chad (country of origin of Rodrigue Army). Fort of this
desire and the many challenges that Chad is experiencing, Rodrigue and a few young people
met to found FEDJIN KAZI Tchad which started its activities in January
2023 by raising awareness and identifying the actors. Our collaboration lies
in the commitment of KAZI Switzerland to support us financially and
administratively, through advice and guidance. The Chad team informs
regularly the Swiss team of the activities through written reports and
meetings. It should also be noted that the positive approach proposed by KAZI, the granting of loans
without interest aims to promote the emergence of economic independence in
the community while respecting the principles of sustainability. This collaboration 
materialized in January 2023 with the signing of a first agreement
(Memorandum of Understanding) between the two sister structures, thus confirming their
common desire to launch a first pilot project in Chad.

Presentation of FEDJIN KAZI-CHAD

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