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Paul Camille Genton is a medical physician from Switzerland who works for a few months at the Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania.  While partaking in an internship in Cameroun, he experienced firsthand the reality of healthcare in areas with limited resources and its interdependence with the overall economic situation of the population. While still a student, he co-founded a successful NGO in Switzerland that creates tandems between refugees and local, established Swiss residents (  Following the success of this project, he decided to co-found Kazi Startfunding based on the conviction that improving access to financial assistance in areas with limited resources could be the key to success for economic development and sustainability.

Our Team


Felician Clement Meza is a research scientist at Ifakara Health Institute and a Welcome Trust Fellow from 2017 to 2020. He has recently obtained an MSc in Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biology from Keele University and the University of Salford (UK). He joined the Ifakara Health Institute in 2013 as a research officer, working on the NIH-funded project at Ifakara after completing his BSc. in applied Zoology from the University of Dar es Salaam. Apart from his scientific work, he is the founder of Unaweza, a network that aims to inspire people to change their thinking and take responsibility for their lives. With this vision, when he was introduced to Kazi Startfunding he agreed to collaborate and join the venture in helping to promote the vision of Kazi Startfunding


With more than 6 years of experience in international trade and business development in Africa, Lucas is comfortable doing business in most regions of the world, while benefiting from a global network. When Paul-Camille called him to start Kazi, Lucas was immediately on board as he believes in capabilities and aims to help trigger the right conditions so that people can reach their goals and contribute to social development. Lucas holds a BSc in Management from HEC Lausanne and an MBA from Tsinghua University jointly with MIT. He lived in Africa, Latin America, Europe and China and speaks French, English, Spanish, and conversational Mandarin Chinese.

Geofrey I. Ashery, Executive SECRETARY

Mr. Geofrey I. Ashery is a researcher with over eight years of research experience in childhood and maternal health. He obtained his sociology degree from the Open University Tanzania. Currently, he is working as a research officer and social scientist in a Dynamic trial focused on electronic decision trees to manage sick children at Ifakara Health Institute. He is passionate about improving the community's livelihood, especially that of underprivileged women and children. He was introduced to the founder of KAZI Startfunding by Dr. Rainer Tan, a colleague in the Dynamic project. After meeting Dr. Paul-Camille Genton in Ifakara, he decided to be one of the key founders of the KAZI start funding in Tanzania.

Everester Kessy, Program Coordinator

Ms. Everester Kessy is a social entrepreneur who is committed to serving children, disadvantaged youth, women and men. Skilled at building community support, key coalitions, and driven to achieve organizational and individual goals. She obtained her social work degree from the University of Dar es Salaam in 2020. Currently, she is working as a Program Coordinator at KAZI Startfunding Tanzania.

Lionel Cachin, fundraising and communication manager

Lionel was born in Switzerland and obtained a master’s degree in 2020 at the University of Lausanne in history. After working for different NGOs and start-ups, he is currently working in the field of the web-marketing and communication. Lionel went to Ifakara in Tanzania in 2022 and met several project leaders who received a Loan from Kazi Startfunding.

Maria Bardina, Head of IT

Maria was born in Russia and has been collaborating with the swiss team since 2022. She obtained a law degree in 2016. But changed her life completely and now she’s been a QA Engineer for more than 6 years. She's in charge of the Kazi website and other IT needs. In the summer of 2022 Maria met several project leaders personally in Ifakara Tanzania.

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