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Salma Msomi is a Tanzanian seamstress from the Ifakara region who repaid her first loan on time (the first loan to finance the purchase of two sewing machines) and secured a second loan from KAZI.

With a full order book, this second loan will enable her to move from a remote area to downtown Ifakara and thus increase her local production of garments and expand her customer base.


• Loan of Tsh 3,000,000 (approx. CHF 1’300) with repayment scheduled over 24 months.

✓ Reduction of clothing imports and support of local production of regional and/or traditional clothing.

✓ Preservation of regional handcraft.

✓ Increase of available jobs in Ifakara (new jobs opened with the expansion of the business) and transfer of knowledge locally to new employees.

✓ Successful expansion of the business and regular repayments since mid-2022.

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