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local gypsum production

KAZI provided support for a truly innovative, young entrepreneur from the region of Morogoro. With a degree in chemistry and a passion for housing, Victor Beda wanted to provide a local-based sustainable alternative to cement production and wood used in construction. This was a response to the production of cement which involves burning certain materials and thus contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emissions.

IT Services

Third project supported by Kazi Startingfund

Frank Matandura is a professional computer programmer who wanted to start his business for websites and information systems development! His project was to help low-income countries meet their potential to develop their own IT capacities in order to minimize dependence on technology and knowledge from other countries.

Salma’s Tailoring

Second project supported by Kazi Startfunding

Salma Msomi is a Tanzanian seamstress from the region of Ifakara who needed to buy two sewing machines. The goal was to locally produce clothes for the community in order to avoid importing textiles from other parts of the world and to enable local craftsmen and traditional dress to flourish

Local palm oil

This was the first project supported by KAZI Startfunding

Traditional, local palm oil production in the Ifakara region of Tanzania, led by Rozalia Mpangala! The palm fruits are harvested from wild palm trees growing in gardens, farms, and cities.


In 2020, KAZI partnered with the Kilombero Valley Health and Livelihood Promotion, or KV-HELP. KV-HELP is a non-governmental organization working to improve public health and means of subsistence for districts of Kilombero, Ulanga, and Malinyi, which make up the region known as the Kilombero Valley. The organization strives to empower groups of women and young people by providing them with entrepreneurial training and start-up funding in the form of loans and savings mechanisms in the most remote rural areas.

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