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Upendo Group, a community initiative founded in 2008, is weaving a brighter future in Ifakara, Tanzania. With a focus on economic empowerment, this group of ten determined women creates beautiful baskets, mats, and more from sustainable materials like phoenix reclinata palm leaves, that can be found locally. They're on a mission to expand production, reach new markets, and uplift their community. This will increase their income, reduce importation, preserve handcraft knowledge, and thus enhance local economic independence, while supporting gender-income equality. 


Your support can make a meaningful impact. By contributing to Upendo Group's loan request of TZS 2,000,000, you'll help them secure crucial raw materials, boost production, and ultimately improve their livelihoods. Join us in empowering these talented artisans and fostering economic sustainability by becoming a regular donator of KAZI Startfunding. For more information, visit the 'Donate' page on our website.

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