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The second project aims to install a solar power station in the village of Dari, also located in the same region. This station will be dedicated to charging electronic devices and electric batteries, providing residents with reliable access to clean energy. This will contribute to improving their quality of life while reducing the carbon footprint of the region.

This involves the installation of 3 mobile solar charging stations equipped with 30 power outlets each. Each installation consists of solar panels, batteries, multiple outlets, and structural support elements.

The goal is to improve access to electricity in off-grid regions, increase community incomes, and provide training to young individuals from rural areas in the field of electricity.

The allocated amount for the pilot phase is 1.9 million FCFA for 3 installations, which is approximately 2,900 Swiss Francs.

Lastly, among our initiatives, we have several other projects focused on renewable energies, organic agriculture, and combating pollution. We are deeply committed to promoting sustainable development and preserving the environmental balance of our region.

We firmly believe that these projects will have a significant positive impact on local communities, creating economic opportunities while safeguarding the precious ecosystem. Through your dedication and our partnership, we aspire to a better future for all.

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