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Meet James. J. Makali, a seasoned entrepreneur with a deep-rooted connection to livestock keeping. At 51 years old, he's embarking on a transformative journey called "African Bird Eye Production," set in his hometown of Mbasa Kwa Mangungu, Ifakara.

This project centers around the cultivation of African bird eye seeds, a four-month journey from planting to harvesting. James J. is well-prepared, with an existing farm, a water tank, a tower to house the tank, and a well for a water source. His loan request is aimed at acquiring a water pump and pipes to establish an irrigation system. This setup, combined with seeds sourced from a trusted company, will be supervised by them throughout the production process, offering valuable insights. The company will also purchase the harvest. This project aims to create employment opportunities for the community and thus contributing to economic development. In addition, the implementation of an irrigation system enhances pili-pili production, while ensuring water-use efficiency and limiting wastage by promoting eco-friendly practices. "African Bird Eye Production" is not just about cultivation; it's about fostering sustainable practices, local food production, community growth, and environmental stewardship. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting journey toward a more prosperous future.

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