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Vijana Kazi is a group of 15 young people between 20 and 30 years old, created in 2019 with the aim of helping each other in daily life. One of their goals is to develop agricultural and food processing activities together.

In 2021, they successfully registered their group and started to produce yoghurt and wine locally on a small scale. The loan from KAZI will enable them to purchase the necessary equipment and products to increase their yoghurt production, using milk produced in the Ifakara region.

The local development of food preservation methods (such as yoghurt) is of major importance in a context of limited resources in order to combat food insecurity. IN



• Loan of Tsh 1,255,000 (approx. CHF 600) with repayment scheduled over 15 months.

✓ Development of local yoghurt production, and thus of a food preservation method for milk.

✓ Creation of added value on local agricultural products and reduction of imports of processed dairy products.

✓ Increased income for local farmers.

✓ Increased employment and economic activity in the region.

✓ Successful launch and regular repayments since the end of 2022

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