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For our 5th project, KAZI supported a truly innovative, young entrepreneur from the region of Morogoro.

Victor Beda is the living embodiment of a new generation of African entrepreneurship, providing local, innovative solutions for the development of their countries, creating added value for the continent, and finding solutions to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

With a degree in chemistry and a passion for housing, he sought to provide a local-based sustainable alternative to cement production and wood used in construction. The goal was twofold. First to move away from the production of cement which involves burning certain materials and thus contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emissions. Second, to decrease deforestation in Tanzania that results from supplying wood used in construction. In order to meet these goals, his business plan was to take gypsum from the region of Morogoro, use his background in chemistry to refine it, and then dry it in the sun without creating greenhouse emissions. He would then produce gypsum rods and walls that could be sold to builders. Every step of the production process was to take place locally in the region of Morogoro, with the aim of providing jobs and income for the local community. Then, he would have produced gypsum rods and walls to be sold to builders.

KAZI provided Beda with an interest-free and bank-cost free loan for 1,500,000 TSH (680 CHF). Despite his talents and ambitions, this project remained unsuccessful due to the weak demand for local gypsum. Currently Victor is working on a new project for food conservation, that will hopefully help him repay his loan.

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